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November Employee of the Month

November 21, 2022
Riverview Pointe would like to introduce our November Employee of the Month, Stephanie Caywood!

Meet Stephanie:

Stephanie has been on staff in our Riverview Pointe Therapy Department for a little over a year. She does Restorative Therapy, helping residents improve and maintain their strength, range of motion and ability to walk.

November Employee of the Month - Stephanie Caywood

Steph’s first career was as an English Teacher. (Nope, she didn’t just graduate from high school; she’s not quite as young as she looks! She thanks/blames her mom’s Japanese genes for that.) She loved teaching, especially the years teaching in the Dominican Republic, but eventually decided to try out the therapy world. She’s very glad that she did!

Steph believes that she has the best job in the world. She loves working with the amazing Therapy Team and all the other cool people in the other facility departments. Most of all, she loves building relationships with the residents and helping to make their lives more comfortable, mobile, active, and happier. Steph can frequently be heard singing with the residents, often with lyrics she changed to go with therapy. (Ex: “Shall we walk? ‘Till your tired, little legs can walk no more? ” à la The King & I’s, “Shall We Dance?”.)

Stephanie is the oldest of four girls, the youngest of whom just got married! She just got back from vacationing in Arizona with another sister, who conned her into hiking two trails rated “extremely difficult.” On the first trail, Steph thought she was going to have to be rescued from the top of the mountain by helicopter. The second was a 9-mile, 7.5-hour-long hike through a desert mountain. She thanks the good Lord for getting her back to Riverview alive. (Her sister made it back, too.)

Thank you, Steph, for all you do for your residents.

Please help us congratulate Steph on being Riverview's November Employee of the Month!

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